03 March 2016

(SnailTrumpeter#0)Voice communication between a human and a PC - NEW NAME, lets do some research

New name

I have found a name for my project. I will call it a SnailTrumpeter, because my first thought was an ear trumpet(Wikipedia ) that was a hearing aid for people in the 18th century. It looks like a snail, so i thought "how about a snail playing on a trumpet in the shape of a snail?" :) This gave me a snail which is a trumpeter, the SnailTrumpeter ;)

Source: Wikipedia


Anyway, lets do some research.
First of all, we need some information about what has been invented already ;) I have used Google, Wikipedia... (sources below ). I have read Windows has it's own speech API, but i wont use it because i want to make this program multi platform later(still fighting with procrastination ).

28 February 2016

Introduction(Hello blog)

Hello :)
First of all i would like to tell you what is this blog going to be about. It's an open diary.. Yes. But why open? you would ask. That's because i am not going to keep it a secret. I just want to manage my ideas somewhere safe. I want to see how long can i keep this blog running ;) Commenting has been made free for all so you won't need to sign in, to comment, hate, discuss etc.

I want to publish here the way i work on a project called "voice communication between a human and a PC"( it needs a better name ;D ). The destination platform is PC( next, RaspberryPi ). I will start from a scratch, publish source on GitHub and discuss the code here. I will try to update my blog +2 times a week.